TLai Enterprises Media Design

Specialty Sci-Fi Fonts

SteelWolf, Gravicon, Enmar, and other Futuristic Sci-Fi-themed Fonts from TLai Enterprises

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These fonts can be used to create accurate lettering in the form of:
Gravicon Display type sampleGravicon Display is a heavy weight futuristic looking modern font cut as a stencil. This font has seen wide use on the cover and in the headings of the DarkStryder Star Wars ® role playing games from West End Games.
SteelWolf Medium type sampleSteelWolf Medium is based on the weight and style of the logotype used in the Terminator films and the Airwolf series on television. It has been used as the VRML logotype, on SciFi Channel promo spots, and was recently used in the film Starship Troopers for props, signage, and model markings. After playing through Final Fantasy VIII, it looks like it was used there too...