Spam Policy

There's no telling how much spam we get anymore. Most of it gets discarded or filtered by multiple levels of filters and automated anti-spam measures. The few times when these measures have been turned off, thousands of pieces of spam have appeared within the span of a few hours, requiring a time-consuming, manual purge. Suffice to say, we are dependent on this high level of filtering to operate at a normal level.

A conservative estimate is that we spend several thousand US dollars worth of time per year, fine tuning filters to make sure that we don't miss e-mails from our customers and suppliers, and yet not drown under a sea of bot infection e-mails, scams, and political ads from various national, state, and local groups who evidently all buy their e-mail addresses from the same sources. This doesn't even taken into account the malicious mails that have been forged as coming from the domain.

It's unlikely that any of these spammers are reading this while harvesting, but for everyone else who might be interested in our policies on spam (aka unsolicited commercial e-mail, or UCE), let us make our position and attitude crystal clear:

UCE is not welcome at addresses related to our business, suppliers, or customers. Our addresses are for customers and prospective customers of TLai Enterprises only. Furthermore, in light of the damage that spam-merchants have done to the Internet and legitimate commerce, we will not tolerate any solicitations for software or services to spam individuals in any form.

We do not do business with spammers, nor any organization or ISP that directly or indirectly supports their activities. Spam causes serious damage to our ability to conduct commerce in a timely and cost-effective manner, and severely affects other organizations, businesses, and individuals on the Internet.

We repeat: we do not spam, we do not tolerate spam, we do not do business with people who use, deliver, or otherwise facilitate spam.

Note to spammers:

All addresses in the domain are hosted under California state law. NONE of the addresses associated with this domain have been voluntarily submitted to ANY lists, so any messages with the pretense of being submitted under an opt-in list will also be dealt with as spam.

More specifically, anyone from whom we get spam, including major comporations and political groups alike, instantly earn a permanent block on all e-mails, and a vote for blockage through all of the anti-spam services we subscribe to.

Where to advertise (responsibly) to get our business:
So you're a legitimate internet-based business looking to supply us with some needed service or product. How do you get our attention and distinguish yourself from the junk?

Simple - advertise in publications or lists that we subscribe to.

Here's a sample list of current sites, lists, and services that we use or get on a daily basis:

For better explainations about advertising on the Internet, read John Mozena's "Marketing on the Internet Without Getting Burned"