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Once upon a time, this site was developed on a Radius 81/110 (a Mac Clone, when they existed) upgraded from a PowerPC 601 processor to a 217 Mhz PowerPC 740 (Newer Maxpower G3), running Macintosh OS System 7.6.1. All of the HTML was hand coded with the aid of Tex-Edit, a nifty text editor by Tom Bender, of Trans-Tex Software.

Custom graphics were mostly designed using the Macintosh version of Adobe Photoshop. Pages were tested using Netscape Navigator 4.06 and Lynx 2.8.3.

A number of years passed, that workstation was replaced by a PowerMac 9600 (still running 7.6.1) a while back, and these days, this site is maintained with Firefox 3.6, using Inkscape and GIMP for graphics, Notepad++ (on Windows) and TextWrangler (on OS X) for coding of CSS/HTML, and Ubuntu Linux to provide a local development/hosting environment.

Static graphic elements are set in ITC Kabel, a humanistic sans serif typeface originally designed by Rudolf Koch, and Univers Condensed, designed by Adrien Frutiger.

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